Freshwater Trust

Portland, OR

Freshwater Trust

We put quantified conservation to work and offer services that accelerate the pace and scale of restoration

The Freshwater Trust (TFT) is a group of problem solvers that design and implement data-driven, science-based solutions that protect and restore rivers.

The Freshwater Trust acts as the boots on the ground and brains behind the scenes working for a resilient future where freshwater resources can support our environment, economy and society for generations to come and be resilient enough to withstand the pressures of a changing climate.

Using partnerships, science, technology, policy, and innovative financial tools, TFT builds and manages collaborative solutions that improve water quality and quantity

With data and 21st century tools and technologies, we enable smarter watershed management solutions to happen faster, at a greater scale, and in the least expensive way.

Moving beyond a procedure-based past to an outcome-based future is an approach called Quantified Conservation. It’s about ensuring every action translates to a positive outcome for the environment. It’s about leveraging the best practices used by businesses and social sector organizations to restore the state of our natural resources.

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