Family Building Blocks

Salem, OR

Therapeutic Classrooms

Therapeutic Classrooms provide a safe, nurturing environment to support healthy development and healing from trauma for children ages six weeks to five years. Focused on the healthy social and emotional development of young children, Therapeutic Classrooms are an innovative strategy that incorporate evidence-based curriculum, research on brain development, and early childhood expertise to develop resilience in children

Home Visits

Home Visits are designed to strengthen the bond and attachment between parent and child. Our Home Visitors bring age-appropriate information and activities to engage the family while also provide referrals to ensure access to medical services and resources for meeting basic needs, and help parents identify and accomplish goals leading to self-sufficiency.

Parent Education

Parents gain leadership skills and take courses to support their family’s growth and development through parent advisory groups, training workshops, and one-on-one coaching. Parents can choose to participate in our Parent Leadership Group or Early Head Start Policy Council to receive additional leadership training, and the opportunity to provide input to Family Building Blocks regarding program policies, activities, and planning.

Respite Care

Respite Care is a self-care service for parents partnering with Family Building Blocks who need to attend a scheduled appointment, meeting, or simply need a break, to place their children in scheduled care for several hours each month.

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